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This work aims at understanding the dynamics of the relations between gays in two clubs GLS of Belém: Lux and Malícia. As a problematics, it is questioned whether the fact of a gay attending some of these places is relevant, or not, in search for partners. In other words, the intention was to open the study to a larger diversity of people: inhabitants of central or peripherals neighborhoods that consumed distinct, with varied degree of education, which was in diverse stages of the life. As finishing, it was noticed the non-dichotomization — to have a casual encounter or a mentioned spaces; though, greater was the interest in establishing bigger bonds of affection, sex and so on. However, other points were prominent: finding friends, participating of thematic parties, diversion, music, environment, people, etc. Mais de responder a este questionamento, preciso fazer um sucinto histórico de ambas. Até meados de ela foi a boate de destaque da noite guei belemense.

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