A televisão possibilitando novos olhares no fazer pedagógico

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The habit to see television is part of the current culture. In the majority of the Brazilian homes, they are they in the point most distant of the map, the TV is present entertaining and distracting the people, and for being a so attractive and popular media it finishes for intervening with the way to think, to act and if to relate with the world. In this direction, the project looks for to show of an attractive form, the use of this technology to promote the learning of critical form and brought up to date, since the grating of programming of all the emitting ones searchs to deal with current subjects in its programs, they are informative they or of entertainment. Being thus, the technological ways of communication, in special the television, can be used as resource to educate the look, to motivate the pupils and to transform the lessons into laboratories of the human knowledge and thus to contribute for the formation of citizens who obtain to see beyond the images and democratically to participate of the processes social politicians and of the context where he is inserted.

Portuguese dictionary: Words & Meanings in English

The Portuguese language is originally from Portugal but is now spoken by native speakers worldwide. Brazil has the most native Portuguese speakers. Here we have gathered a vocabulary list of Portuguese words with meanings translated into English. English-Portuguese lexicon. AIDS: 1. Aaron Abissínia: 1. Abraham Acaia: 1. Achaea, Achaia Adriano: 1. Adriatic, Adriatic Sea 2.


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